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DCI Reveals faces of the Wells Fargo Employees who Vanished with Ksh 95 Million

Two employees of Wells Fargo Company, a trusted cash-in-transit service provider, yesterday vanished with a sum of Ksh 94,918,750 collected from Quickmart Supermarket over the weekend.


The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has now revealed the faces of the suspects behind this well-planned heist.

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DCI identified the culprits as Daniel Mungai Mugetha, the crew commander, and the driver, Anthony Nduiki Waigumo.

The incident occurred at 6 a.m yesterday Monday when the two made off with the money, leaving behind a police escort vehicle that was awaiting departure.

Daniel Mungai Mugetha (L) and Anthony Nduiki Waigumo who are suspected to be behind the Ksh.94 million theft. PHOTO: @DCI_Kenya/X Wells fargo
Daniel Mungai Mugetha (L) and Anthony Nduiki Waigumo who are suspected to be behind the Ksh 94 million theft. PHOTO: @DCI_Kenya/X

Through X, formerly known as twitter, the DCI revealed the audacity of the crime saying “Oblivious that the truck no. KBA 517T they were to escort had minutes earlier snaked away, the armed escort team went to inquire from the management why the loading was taking too long. By that time, neither the truck nor the crew members could be traced.”

The truck was on its way to a bank located at Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi to deposit the substantial sum, as confirmed by the company’s Investigations Manager.

The daring duo abandoned the vehicle at Dafarm in South C, Nairobi, before disappearing into their hideouts.

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DCI detectives have launched a nationwide manhunt to track down and apprehend the suspects responsible for this heist. The incident has drawn the attention of authorities and the public alike, as questions arise about the security and integrity of cash transportation services in the country.


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