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Candidate Wins Election by 1 Vote


A parish sheriff candidate in the northwest region of Louisiana requested a recount on Wednesday, one day after losing by a single vote in an election that drew more than 43,000 votes.


Henry Whitehorn, the Louisiana State Police superintendent from 2004 to 2007, will be the first new sheriff in Caddo Parish in twenty-four years after winning the election by just 1 vote. In the runoff election on Saturday, Whitehorn faced John Nickelson, a former member of the Shreveport City Council. Complete but unofficial election results showed that Nickelson received 21,620 votes while Whitehorn received 21,621.

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Candidate Wins Election by 1 vote
Candidates for Caddo Sheriff John Nickelson, left, and Henry Whitehorn Sr. speak during a forum held by the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association at Broadmoor Presbyterian Church in Shreveport, La., Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023. Whitehorn, a Democrat, won the Nov. 18 election for Caddo Parish Sheriff by one vote, according to results from the Secretary of State’s office. Photo: JILL PICKET/AP

The close contest draws attention to Louisiana’s recount procedure and alleged antiquated voting machines, which fail to generate an auditable paper trail—a crucial component that experts claim is necessary to guarantee the validity of election results. The ability of states to perform recounts has shown to be crucial, particularly in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, when several states that were considered contests held recounts and reviews to validate the victory of Joe Biden.

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Election officials said that a recount will take place next week due to the close margin of victory. Whitehorn led the Louisiana State Police before becoming the chief of police in Shreveport and then a U.S. Marshal.


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