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5 Biggest Lies About College Movies and TV Need to Stop Telling

Movies and TV shows overemphasize the social aspects of college student life. They feature big sports events, fraternity parties, smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, going to local pubs, and the like.

Photo/Courtesy: Grownish, a college movie.

However, mostly what they do not show is the realities of juggling work and school schedules, dealing with student loans, learning how to deal with roommates and figuring out where to get internship opportunities.

Other big lies college movies and tv need to stop telling include:

College parties

According to pop culture, college parties are always perfectly decorated with neon signs, gram-worthy string lights, and music is provided by a professional DJ.

The reality is most of these parties are held in a bed sitter or single room or in one sweaty hostel room, while one person shuffles through an iTunes playlist.

The amount of free time that actually exists

In movies, college students seem to spend a tiny fraction of their time in class and even less time studying. And when they are seen studying, it is definitely portrayed in a 30 second montage.

This is actually opposite of what its like as mostly college students spend their day in class as one class may go up to three hours.

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Dating scenes

Thanks to movies, we imagined that the people we would date in college would be much more intellectual and sophisticated than the awkward high school relationships that we had. But, to be honest a lot of college relationships are also pretty awkward.

In addition, college dating is also not romantic as perceived, as mostly students do not have that much money.

College food

Truth be told college food is not a 5-star restaurant quality like Hollywood would make us believe. Arguably its way better than high school food only if you have a good amount of money.

Otherwise if one is broke then there will be no food, therefore one may be forced to remain hungry.

Class participation

Movies love to depict all college classes as huge seminars filled with 100plus students on their laptops. And there are definitely classes out there that are like this.

But there are also smaller courses that are structured as roundtable discussions, or classes that are completely non-traditional. It is actually a lot harder to get lost in the crowd in a college class than Hollywood would make you think.

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