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Why Cairo Refuses to Open Its Gates to Gaza Refugees

The Egyptian Government has refused to open its gates to the Gaza refugees, stating that it won’t offer a solution to the ongoing conflict. These refugees are trying to escape from Gaza due to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Cairo to Gaza refugees
Hon Aden Duale to the right and the Egyptian Ambassador to Kenya on the left. Photo/Courtesy

The Egyptian Ambassador to Kenya, Wael Nasr Eldin Attiya, said that Cairo is pushing for a ceasefire instead of opening its gates. Cairo is intent on pushing for a ceasefire and the resumption of negotiations to resolve this ongoing conflict. According to them, the conflict has been going on for seven decades and it needs to come to a halt.

In addition to that, the ambassador mentioned that there are uncertainties that come with the conflict. Uncertainties include the formation of allies and possible retaliation. They equally mentioned that there may be a possible infiltration of militants among the fleeing refugees. This could create a state of insecurity for the country itself.

” First of all, how do we know that whoever is coming into Egypt is just a civilian? How do we know that they could not be infiltrated by the Hamas? How do we know how long the Israeli operations in Gaza will last?” Mr Attiya questioned.

He mentioned that if the Hamas were part of the refugees to Egypt, they could decide to launch attacks on Israel from their new location. This would then give Israel a space to claim that it has the right to defend itself and attack Egypt in retaliation.

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Israel- Hamas War

The Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza have been at war since October 7th. It started after the Hamas group launched an attack on Israel, killing hundreds and taking others hostage. In retaliation, Israel launched deadly attacks in Gaza and further locked out access to food, water and electricity for Gaza residents.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu told the international media on Tuesday that the bombardment would continue. He mentioned that a ceasefire with the Hamas would amount to ‘surrendering to the Hamas’. The Prime Minister called on the world to support the war and mentioned that global civilisation is dependent on this.

The Egyptian diplomat further stated that the involvement is dangerous to the security. According to him, the forced evictions and the bombardments won’t solve the need for Israel’s security.

” I know peace cannot be achieved overnight and has to be negotiated. But the starting point is a ceasefire. The issue is there has to be trust between the two sides. There has to be pressure on the two sides to sit down,” the ambassador mentioned.

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