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Virginity: What if You Could Experience Being a Virgin Again

Being a virgin is a mindest and gone are the days when virginity was defined as a state of “purity” or absolute abstinence from sex. As sex has different meanings, so should virginity. Otherwise, it would be unfair to define and redefine sex and leave out virginity.


The modern dictionary defines a virgin as a sexually inexperienced person. This explanation gives room for the re-definition of virginity just as much as there is for sex. Sexual inexperience may mean having never had vaginal, oral, or anal sex. It may also mean someone who lacks adequate exposure to or understanding of sex.

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Looking back, it is absurd how the weight of women’s reputation and worth was once heavily placed on the existence of the hymen — a layer of tissue covering the vagina and one that doesn’t grow back once stretched open. Maybe, this is why people, especially women, got the idea that virginity cannot be experienced once gone.

However, the question is, why would one lose their self-worth or dignity after “losing their hymen?” It is agreed that, sexual intercourse of whichever kind comes along with implications that are mostly societal in some communities. But on the bright side, it is very much possible to get back one’s virginity. Of course, it depends on how they view it.

Virginity: What if You Could Experience Being a Virgin Again.
Virginity: What if You Could Experience Being a Virgin Again. Photo| Healthshots

To be honest, the term was coined to keep people in their best behavior, especially women. Over the years, so much value has been placed on virginity, hence the mental and emotional breakdown experienced by females who lost it, instead of giving it away. Typically speaking, virginity should revolve around how one feels about their sexual experiences.

So, it matters less how and why someone “lost their virginity” because there are people who waited for the right time to give it away and gave it to the wrong person. Whereas, there are others who had theirs taken either without consent or because someone else preyed on their naivety.

What should matter in terms of virginity is what one thinks about themselves sexually. Experiencing what it is like to be pure and a person of dignity in society should not be left to external factors. Instead, sexually acquainted or not, it is upon an individual to think or envision the person they are into existence.

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Sexual experience, whether absent or not, is not all about being acquainted with stellar sexual performance. Sex is more often less about the techniques and more about the atmosphere, emotions, and build-up. Hence, just as madness, virginity should have a degree to it. Having sex one time should not place one in the same category as those who have had it countless times.


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