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Turkana Governor Declares Support for Ruto in 2027 Election and Advocates Term Extension

Governor Lomorukai supports Ruto

Turkana Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai, formerly of the opposition’s ODM party, has pledged his support for President William Ruto’s re-election in the 2027 polls. Speaking at the Turkana Cultural and Tourism Festival ‘Tobonglore’ in Lodwar town on October 12, Governor Lomorukai committed to rallying six sub-counties in Turkana behind the Kenya Kwanza leader in the upcoming general election.


He expressed his intent to ensure the Turkana vote basket for President Ruto, emphasizing his dedication to delivering the votes from the six sub-counties. Furthermore, Governor Lomorukai vowed to collaborate with Ruto’s administration for the benefit of the local population.

Governor Lomorukai supports Ruto
Turkana Governor Lomorukai affirmed his support or President Ruto in the 2027 presidential elections [Photo: The Star]

In the face of alleged threats from the opposition, he reaffirmed his decision to support the Kenya Kwanza government, asserting that he was elected by the people of Turkana County and would not succumb to pressure. He questioned the notion that working with the President was a crime and affirmed his commitment to working with Ruto in both the present and the future.

“I am elected by Turkana County people. Those who are making threats that the Turkana Governor is working with the President, who told them that is a crime?” the governor asked.

Governor Lomorukai also voiced his support for extending the presidential term limit to 14 years, as proposed by Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei. This declaration deals a blow to ODM party leader Raila Odinga, who previously enjoyed strong support in past elections.

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The governor’s shift in allegiance to Ruto comes at a time when the ODM party is taking measures to discipline members perceived as rebels. In September, the party, aligned with the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya coalition, expelled five lawmakers for their association with Ruto’s administration. The ODM party accused these members of openly associating with and supporting activities of a rival political party and opposing the party’s lawful decisions and resolutions.

Governor Lomorukai’s open support for extending the presidential term limit to seven years is rooted in his admiration for Ruto’s service delivery. He suggested that President Ruto should be given more time to secure his legacy and declared his aspiration to succeed Ruto as President after his 14-year tenure. To demonstrate his support for Ruto, Lomorukai switched from the ODM to the ruling party, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), which is part of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

“After your 14 years, I will be president. As Turkana County Governor from the onset, I vowed to work with you,” he stated.

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Despite facing undisclosed threats, Governor Lomorukai remained resolute in his decision to campaign for President Ruto in the next General Election. He pledged to deliver a substantial percentage of votes from his region, highlighting that in the last election, opposition leader Raila Odinga garnered more votes than Ruto in the region.


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