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Three Arrested in Lavington for Discussing the Palestine-Israel War

Three individuals were arrested by Kenyan police officers on Sunday and accused of holding a gathering to discuss the ongoing Palestine-Israel war.

Palestine-Israel war
Kenyan Police. Photo/Courtesy

An activist, Boniface Mwangi, confirmed that the three people arrested were identified as, Imaduddin Ahmed, Muhammad Musa, and Ubax Abdi. According to Boniface, the three were picked up by the police around 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. They were then taken to Muthangari Police Station for detainment.

“Kenya Police have arrested Imaduddin Ahmed, Muhammad Musa, and Ubax Abdi at Cheche Books. They were arrested for meeting in a private space to discuss the Gaza genocide. Imagine that!” Mwangi mentioned.

The activist further mentioned that Kenya was not an extension of Israel and so, the arrests would in no way be legal or right according to the law.

The three were in a private residence carrying out a conversation when they were allegedly intercepted by police officers. One of the people around during the arrest mentioned that the three were found in possession of a Palestinian flag.

The executive director of Amnesty International Kenyan chapter, Irungu Houghton stated that the organization had dispatched agents to the police station to handle the situation. This is an organization that has repeatedly called on Israel to cease its attacks in Gaza.

“This action is deeply disturbing and must be condemned. For the police to disrupt a peaceful private gathering is unlawful,” stated Houghton.

Protests Against Palestine-Israel Conflict

In Mombasa, some residents held protests on Saturday against the current Palestine-Israel battle. The Nyali MP, Mohammed Ali was leading the protests that are against the war which has led to multiple deaths along the Gaza Strip.

“We call on our government and every government in the world with any ounce of respect towards human rights and international law to call for an immediate ceasefire,” lamented Ali.

“Gaza is at the moment cut off from food, electricity, water, and fuel whilst weapons that are causing fourth-degree burns are being unleashed on innocent civilians mostly women and children.”

According to the current reports, the death toll from the war has risen to 4,651. In addition to that, 14,245 other Palestinians have incurred injuries since the war broke out in Gaza.

Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga was speaking in Kajiado on Sunday. He contributed to the matter by calling for the Palestinian people to be granted permanent residence in the region. This, according to him would be the only way to guarantee peace in the Gaza region.

“There cannot be lasting peace in Gaza until the people of Palestine are accorded permanent residence and recognition of their rights to exist as a free and independent people,” he told the congregation.

Israel-Palestine Conflict

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Hamas is a Palestinian group of people that launched an attack on Israel and led to the retaliation of Israel on Gaza. The Israeli government declared the Hamas a terrorist group that had committed terrorist acts on the Israeli people. This sparked the onset of the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Most people who are in support of Palestine in the ongoing conflict, are demanding that the Palestinians be granted ownership of the land that was theirs in the first place. Records state that Israel took over Palestine years ago and has had control over the region ever since. Consequently, Palestinians have no right to anything unless it has been approved by the Israeli government.

Currently, everyone is calling for peace in the region. Some countries such as those part of the African Union are maintaining neutrality on the matter, while others such as America have declared their allegiance to Israel during the conflict. Groups are rising all over the world claiming justice and freedom for Palestine from Israel.

At the moment, a gate was opened to allow humanitarian aid to be offered to the people in the Gaza region. Most of the residents have sustained injuries with most of them hungry and in need of supplies being offered by the United Nations.

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