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Superfoam Brightens Dreams: A Gift of Comfort to Jadeite Foundation Daycare


In a heartwarming gesture of compassion and social responsibility, Superfoam Limited generously donated high-quality children’s mattresses to Jadeite Foundation Daycare in Ruaka, Nairobi, on Tuesday, October 3. This act went beyond mere material comfort; it symbolized a commitment to a brighter and more secure future for the children.


Situated in Ruaka, Jadeite Foundation Daycare stands as a beacon of community support, offering affordable daycare, education, and youth mentorship.

The orchestrated donation by Superfoam’s marketing team transformed the daycare into a haven of peaceful naps and restful nights, conveying not only physical comfort but also a powerful message of hope that resonated with both the children and the community.

Mary Wanjohi, the founder of Jamii ya Jadeite Foundation, expressed profound gratitude, stating, “Superfoam Limited has not only provided our children with comfortable mattresses but has woven dreams of a better future.

“We are profoundly grateful to Superfoam Limited for this incredible gesture. Their donation has not only provided our children with comfortable mattresses but has also woven dreams of a better future. The Superfoam team’s kindness has touched our hearts, and we are now equipped to provide the children with a nurturing environment, where they can learn, grow, and dream big.” Said Mary Wanjohi – The founder of Jamiiya Jadeite Foundation

‘’This initiative stands as a testament to Superfoam’s commitment to social upliftment. It illustrates that even the simplest acts of kindness, such as providing a good night’s sleep, can have a profound impact, igniting hope and shaping the dreams of the youngest members of our community,‘’ said Sanskrati Shetty, Head of Marketing – Superfoam Ltd.

Superfoam’s generosity serves as a reminder of the transformative power of empathy, proving once again that businesses can be catalysts for positive change.


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