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Ruto: We shall succeed in Haiti

Kenya’s President, William Ruto, has expressed his appreciation for the Security Council’s decision that approves the state to send its troops to Haiti, in a press statement, emphasizing the importance of the mission.


He said, “The situation in Haiti demands, as a matter of humanitarian consideration, moral responsibility and fundamental justice, that actions be scaled up significantly to meet the demands of emergency relief, humanitarian aid, support for livelihoods, and major interventions in public health and environmental protection.”

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Ruto went on to highlight the significance of this mission for Kenya, underlining their commitment to Pan-African unity and solidarity with the African Diaspora.

William Ruto at his then residence after the Supreme Court upheld his presidential election win in Nairobi, Kenya, September 5, 2022. [Photo/REUTERS]
William Ruto at his then residence after the Supreme Court upheld his presidential election win in Nairobi, Kenya, September 5, 2022. [Photo/REUTERS]

He said, “For us in Kenya, this mission is of special significance and critical urgency. We experienced the harrowing brunt of colonialism, as well as the long, difficult and frustrating struggle for freedom against those that can influence international institutions to frustrate justice.”

He extended a heartfelt pledge of support to the people of Haiti, emphasizing the importance of being “their friend indeed, by standing with them.”

This resolution grants the mission the authority to take “all necessary measures,” including the use of force, to combat the entrenched gangs that have wreaked havoc in Haiti.

China and Russia abstained from the vote, expressing concerns over the authorization of the use of force under Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter.

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua revealed that Kenyan troops are poised to deploy to Port-au-Prince “in the coming months,” although no specific date has been provided.

Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, has been engulfed in turmoil since the tragic assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July 2021. United Nations data paints a grim picture, with over 2,400 lives lost to violence in Haiti since the beginning of the year.

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The international community has rallied behind the call for intervention, with the United States and several other countries offering their support. The need to restore peace and stability to Haiti is now a global priority.

In his closing remarks, President Ruto expressed gratitude to Gabon, Ghana, Mozambique, and all members of the UN Security Council for their unwavering support. He concluded with a resolute statement, “We shall succeed in Haiti. We must not fail the people of Haiti.”


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