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PSC Announces 44 Job Vacancies, How to Apply

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has recently unveiled a list of exciting job opportunities, with a total of 44 vacancies across various departments.


This move is a significant step towards strengthening Kenya’s public service and ensuring efficient and effective governance.

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In a statement issued today, the PSC urged qualified individuals to seize this opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the nation. The announcement featured a variety of positions, promising a diverse array of career prospects for job seekers.

According to the advertisement, there are four positions available for Principal Management Analysts, presenting a unique opportunity for professionals in the field of management analysis to showcase their expertise and make a difference in the public sector.

The PSC has also opened up four positions for Principal Human Resource Management and Development Officers, as well as Principal Compliance Officers. This is an excellent chance for individuals with expertise in HR, compliance, and development to take their careers to the next level.

For those interested in finance and accounting, the Commission has posted vacancies for Principal Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Finance Officers, Accountants, and Risk Management Officers. These roles are essential in ensuring the financial health and accountability of various government departments.

In information technology, there is an opening for an Information Systems Auditor, a position critical to maintaining data security and integrity. Additionally, there is an opportunity for a Supply Chain Management Officer to manage the procurement processes within the public service.

The PSC has also created two positions each for Human Resource Management and Development Officers, Principal Legal Officers, Principal Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Principal Governance and Ethics Officers, Senior Support Staff, and Reception Assistants.

These roles offer a wide range of career prospects within the public sector.

Furthermore, there are three vacancies for Performance Management and Service Delivery Transformation Officers, a key area in enhancing the efficiency of government services.

In a groundbreaking move, the Commission announced a staggering 395 job vacancies across various state departments. The majority of these vacancies, 315 to be precise, are for Civil Registration Officers within the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for individuals to contribute to vital government functions.

The PSC has emphasized that applications should be submitted online through their official website or the jobs portal website.

To ensure consideration, all applications must reach the Commission on or before November 14, 2023, by 5 pm East African time.

“The Public Service Commission is committed to fostering a competent and efficient public service, and we encourage all qualified individuals to apply for these positions and contribute to the growth of our nation,” stated the PSC in their advertisement.

Don’t miss out – visit the Commission’s official website, apply today, and be part of the positive change in our beloved country.


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