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Ministry of Land Goes Cashless to Stop Corruption

The Ministry of Lands, Public Works, Housing, and Urban Development has launched a Cashless Revenue Collection Policy in an attempt to curb corruption in the ministry. The collection system launched is called Ardhipay.

Ardhi House to host the system introduced called Ardhipay.PHOTO/COURTESY

Cabinet Secretary, Zechariah Njeru, launched the system on Monday. He mentioned that the new system would make the work in the ministry more efficient, easier and faster.

“We are doing this because we want to improve service delivery to our citizens. The State Department for Lands and Physical Planning has really worked to see that Kenyans are served fast and efficiently,” said CS Njeru.

Generali Nixon Korir, the Principal Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning, said the program would reduce cash transfers in the transactions. He stated that the plan is to go cashless within 14 days from today. Furthermore, the Ardhipay system has been linked to the Citizen platform which would make implementation of the policy easier.

Ardhipay System

The policy mandates that only digital payment methods would be used for all services. These methods include M-PESA or bank transactions. This would in turn ensure accountability, precision, and timely reporting in the revenue collection process.

This, according to the CS, is a strategy to deal with the cartels in the land industry. He mentioned that it would eradicate the need for middlemen and, subsequently, help Kenyans avoid using alternative ways to get the services they need.

Cases of people fighting over land ownership and multiple title deeds have been on the rise in recent days. With the Ministry of Land being burdened by paperwork and many complaints from the citizens in the country. Cartels have often used the purchase of land to funnel their illegally earned money by cash payments. With the new system, the Kenya Revenue Authority can monitor large transactions being made, reducing cartels in the ministry.

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To access the payment system, one needs to log into the, and register an account to begin transacting. Under Land Administration, one needs to click on Land Rent, then Pay Land Rent, and enter the title number on the search section using the formats: Registration Unit/Registration Section/Parcel Number.

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