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Medical Center Offers Free Treatment and Operation for Cleft lip and palate Deformities

Bela Risu Medical Center, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, provides free life-changing, dignifying, and hope-restoring surgeries to people affected by craniofacial deformities.


The center believes that every individual deserves to lead a life free from limitations of craniofacialities, and they are devoted to making that a reality for as many people as possible.

Additionally, the center operates and treats cleft lip and palate deformities free of charge.

On Friday 27th of October, BelaRisu Medical Center held its first anniversary event at the Centre located on Park Road, Ngala, Nairobi County.

During the event, the center announced that it had performed and treated 7,000 victims of the deformities in a record time of one year.

Speaking during the event, Dr Martin Kamau, CEO of the BelaRisu Foundation, while addressing the Media, County, and National Government representatives, invited guests and beneficiaries of the surgeries, said the clinic has performed 7,000 surgeries related to cleft lip and palate since it was launched in September last year.

Further, the CEO added that the Medical Centre is committed to offering free-changing, dignified, and hope-restoring surgeries to those affected by craniofacial deformities, since the foundation believes that everyone should be able to live a life free of craniofacial deformities’ limitations.

Photo/Courtesy: From (L-R) BelaRisu Foundation CEO Dr Martin Kamau, Senator Veronica Maina and Nairobi County Director Kepha Omanga during celebrations in Nairobi.

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Guest of Honour Senator Ann Maina praised the noble approach of the BelaRisu Foundation in offering life-changing surgeries and treatment, especially for the children, who without the surgeries and treatment would have led a difficult undignified life. 

”Reading from the performance script and the fact that the clinic has done a record 7,000 surgeries and treatment from victims across the country, the indication is that it is possible to ensure that Kenyans born with craniofacial deformities can now live a better life,” said the Senator. 

Senator Ann also noted that Nairobi County and the Government will closely work with the Medical Centre to ensure that they provide the necessary support to drive their humanity-focused agenda of making a difference in the lives of children and adults with craniofacial deformities.

It is estimated that globally, one in 700 children is born with a cleft lip or palate. In Kenya, experts estimate that one in every 500 babies is born with the condition. This affects their physical, mental and psychological growth.

Additionally, she noted that a cleft is not considered a disability. However, if left uncorrected, it can potentially impact a child’s development, requiring additional support. It is important to highlight that most children with a cleft do not experience any other conditions and can perform equally well in school compared to their peers.

“The only way to save the child from stigma is to repair a cleft palate through surgery, whose goal is to close the opening in the roof of the child’s mouth,” she said. 

Further, Nairobi County Director, Kepha Omanga, who represented Governor Johnson Sakaja at the event, called for more research to address the neglected surgical condition while acknowledging the work done by Smile Train, a cleft lip lobby, that is also behind the success story of the BelaRisu launch.

“Governor Sakaja is aware of the work done by BelaRisu and has assured the founders of his personal support and that of the County Government and urges the healthcare team at the facility to tap into their vast experiences to create awareness so that the decision and policymakers can support the Clinic,” said Omanga. 

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