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KNH to Dispose 253 Unclaimed Bodies after 14 Days

Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) is facing a challenge as they prepare to dispose of 253 unclaimed bodies, among them the remains of 239 children.


The hospital has issued a 14-day Deadline for the families or concerned individuals to come forward and identify the bodies before they seek authority from the courts to proceed with disposal.

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The children’s bodies at KNH include 132 boys and 107 girls, a heart-wrenching reminder of the children who have passed away and remain unclaimed.

KNH to dispose unclaimed bodies.[Image/FILE]
KNH to dispose unclaimed bodies.[Image/FILE]

Among them are five sets of twins and a set of quadruplets, with a fourth quadruplet’s body also lying at the hospital’s morgue.

In a public notice, the hospital urged members of the public to step forward and identify the unclaimed bodies. This call is being made under the authority of the Public Health Act Cap 242.

The hospital is making an earnest appeal to the families and guardians of the deceased to take action within the 14-day window.

It is not only children who remain unclaimed. The hospital’s management revealed that the bodies of 13 unidentified adults are also awaiting identification and collection, including eleven males and two females.

Among the adults is a man identified as Cheptale Aruwalo Nalel, whose body is currently at Mwai Kibaki Hospital.

In a statement, the hospital management declared, “Pursuant to Public Health Act Cap 242, interested members of the public are therefore requested to identify and collect bodies within 14 days. This is a sensitive and crucial matter, and we hope the community will come together to help us resolve it.”

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The hospital acknowledges the challenges of dealing with unclaimed bodies and is determined to handle this situation with the utmost respect and care.

KNH is counting on the cooperation of the public to provide these individuals, both young and old, the dignified farewell they deserve.


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