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King Charles and Queen Camilla Set to Visit Kenya

King charles and queen camilla

King Charles III and Queen Camilla are set to visit Kenya from October 31 to November 3 2023. This was announced by the United Kingdom on Wednesday.

King Chalres
King Charles III and Queen Camilla to visit Kenya. Photo/Courtesy

President William Ruto had initially extended an invite to the United Kingdom, for the leaders to visit the country and see what it has to offer. The visit comes at a time when Kenya is preparing for its celebration of 60 years of independence from the British Colonial Rule.

” His Majesty’s first visit to a Commonwealth nation as King is therefore to the country in which Queen Elizabeth II’s reign began, having acceded to the throne in Kenya in February 1952,” the UK government said in part.

This would mark King Charles’ fifth visit to the country, but his first since he was crowned the King of England. His last visit to the country was in 1987 with the others being in 1977 and 1978.

” The visit is at the invitation of President William Ruto and comes as Kenya prepares to celebrate 60 years of independence. The King and Queen will visit Nairobi City County, Mombasa County and surrounding areas,” the statement read in part.

During the visit, they will figure out the different areas in the United Kingdom and Kenya are working together. Preferably in areas which boost mutual prosperity, climate change, youth opportunity and sustainable development. This is a step towards the Crown’s efforts to strengthen its ties with Commonwealth nations worldwide.

The Majesties’ Visit

” The programme will celebrate the close links between the British and Kenyan people in areas such as the creative arts, technology, enterprise, education, and innovation,” read the statement.

In addition to that, the visit will create a space for the UK and Kenya to acknowledge the more painful aspects of their shared history. The statement mentioned that His Majesty would take time to deepen his understanding of the wrongs suffered by Kenyans during the Emergency period (1952-1960).

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After the release of the announcement, most Kenyans feel less elated by the visit and more unwavering by it. According to them, the visit would not help them face the harsh living conditions so they wouldn’t care for it at all. Others are scared that the visit would prompt the Kenyan administration to recognize the LGBTQ+ group’s rights in the country.

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