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Kenya’s eCitizen Platform Reports 300% Revenue Growth

eCitizen reports revenue increase

The Kenyan government has reported a substantial 300% increase in revenue collected through its eCitizen services, marking a significant milestone in its digital transformation efforts. The Principal Secretary of the State Department for Immigration, Julius Bitok, revealed that revenue rose from Ksh1.3 billion in June 2023 to Ksh4.1 billion in September 2023, underscoring the platform’s growing importance.

eCitizen records revenue increase
State Department for Immigration PS Julius Bitok [Photo/Courtesy]

By October 4, 2023, the government had successfully made more than 10,513 services available on the eCitizen online platform. An additional 4,184 services were in the process of being fully integrated, enhancing the platform’s accessibility and utility.

This surge in revenue can be attributed to a directive issued by President William Ruto during the launch of the eCitizen platform on June 30, 2023. At that time, President Ruto unveiled 5,000 services on the portal and directed that all government services be made accessible through this digital platform. This directive led to a substantial increase in the use of eCitizen.

Bitok highlighted the impressive revenue growth, stating, “Following the Presidential directive, the revenue collected on the eCitizen platform has grown by over 300%, soaring from Ksh1.39 billion in June 2023 to Ksh4.16 billion in September 2023.”

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Furthermore, the government reiterated its commitment to making all government services available on the eCitizen platform by the end of the year. The migration of government services to eCitizen will continue until all remaining services are fully integrated by December 31, 2023.

President Ruto, during the eCitizen platform’s launch, emphasized the government’s dedication to empowering Kenyan citizens to access government services conveniently, especially those at the bottom of the socioeconomic structure. The platform allows citizens to access essential services through their mobile devices, contributing to increased accessibility and efficiency in service delivery.

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Despite its success, the eCitizen platform recently faced challenges due to attempted cyberattacks, resulting in temporary unavailability of crucial government services. However, the government remains committed to ensuring the platform’s resilience and continued success in enhancing accessibility to state services and revenue collection.


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