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Kenya Retracts Statement after Clash with AU Stance

Kenya retracts their statement on the Israel-Palestine conflict clarifying that the condemnation of violence was related to acts of terrorism only.

Israel-Palestine War. Photo/Courtesy

Kiror Sing’oei, Foreign Affairs Principle Secretary, mentioned that Nairobi was condemning terrorism through the statement issued. He further mentioned that it has condemned such acts due to it also being a victim in the past.

“Kenya’s reaction, as indicated in the statement by the President, was focusing on a particular incident, that is the new terrorist attacks. Terrorism anywhere is completely unacceptable,” he said.

In addition to that, he mentioned that the statement has nothing to do with the long-standing stance the country has had on the Israel-Palestine conflict. It is simply condemning the current acts of terrorism by the Hamas group.

President Willliam Ruto earlier released a statement mentioning that Kenya stood with Israel in the Israel-Palestine war. He said that Kenya “unequivocally condemns terrorism and attacks on innocent civilians in the country (Israel). All acts of terrorism and violent extremism are abhorrent, criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of the perpetrator, or their motivations,” read the statement in part. This was after a Palestine group, called the Hamas, invaded the country killing hundreds of residents and taking dozens hostage.

The President released the statement a few hours after the African Union had released another statement. According to the African Union, the nations in Africa were presenting a unified front towards not labelling the acts of violence by Palestine as acts of terrorism. They are also calling for a peaceful solution by creating two contiguous independent states.

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Israel- Palestine War

Sing’oei further mentioned that Kenya supports the peaceful resolution mentioned by the African Union. According to him, Nairobi has also raised concerns regarding the targeting of civilian sites and attacking the non-combatants. This is in direct violation of the international humanitarian law.

“We are concerned with the retaliatory attacks on the part of Israel. It looks like it is excessive and not proportional. The best thing is a return to the path of peace,” he said.

After the Hamas group launched an attack on Israel, Israel retaliated with missile strikes on Gaza. This has seen multiple people dying from the crossfire and many injured. The Hamas group had threatened the Israel group that for each missile strike, one of the hostages would be killed. Israel has, however, continued with the missile strikes in Gaza.

People in support of the Hamas group mentioned that the attack was justified since Israel has consistently directed harm in their land without retaliation. This act of terrorism, however, has no level of justification since there were civilians killed and others taken as hostages.

The Kenya Coalition of Church Alliances and Ministries (KCCAM) were included in the discussion of the ongoing war. The clerics from the organisation condemned the violence between Israel and the Hamas militants. They, however, supported Israel in the current war. This is in contrary to people who condemn Israel for retaliating with disproportionate force to the Palestinians.

They further called on the Hamas group to release the children and women being held hostage. They appealed for an immediate ceasefire between the two groups and urged both to prioritise peaceful co-existence.

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