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Kenya Power Speeds Up Meter Installations Amid Procurement Hurdles

Kenya Power

Kenya Power Lighting Company (KPLC) is accelerating its efforts to install meters for new connections across the country. This move comes as part of their Rapid Results Initiative (RRI), aimed at resolving long-standing challenges in the process.


At an event marking Customer Service Week, Kenya Power CEO Joseph Siror announced the company’s commitment to completing the meter installation within a 90-day time frame. During this period, more than 320,000 customers will gain access to electricity through the use of recently acquired meters.

Kenya Power announces efforts to speed up meter installation

He acknowledged the prior difficulties faced by the company in procuring essential materials, which had impeded their efforts to bring new customers on board. However, he expressed satisfaction in the resolution of these issues and the arrival of meters, which are now being deployed to clear pending connections.

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Under the RRI, which was launched this week, Kenya Power has already successfully installed 10,759 meters for new connections. This initiative addresses a backlog of 236,924 pending new connections, a situation exacerbated by protracted legal battles that hindered the procurement of meters and related materials.

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“I am happy to note that these challenges have been addressed and we have started receiving meters, which we are deploying to clear pending connection,’’ Mr. Siror said.


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