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Karen Nyamu: Polygamy is Legal! I haven’t Broken Any Law

Senator Karen Nyamu has been making headlines for everything but her contribution to law-making, ever since she was nominated to the Kenya Kwanza government. In fact, a recent report by Mzalendo Trust ranked her as one of the least active politicians.


The mother of two has however been trending for her baby daddy drama with mugithi artist Samidoh. The two have been open about having a relationship despite the fact that Samidoh has a wife and children.

During an interview, Karen was asked where she stands with her relationship with Samidoh especially because it has been so public considering she is now a political public figure within the government.

Karen Nyamu

“Kuliendaje ukamchukua mzee ambaye hakuwa wako. Wanasema wewe ni mrembo kweli kweli. Kwani wanaume walienda wapi?”

Karen Nyamu went ahead to dismissively say she was not comfortable speaking about her relationship on air. She added she was doing nothing wrong or illegal that would stand to comprise her work.

“Unajua sheria ya Kenya vizuri? Enda uangalie sheria ya polygamy. Kwa hivyo hizo maswali unaniuliza hazina miguu wala mikono. Sijavunja sheria yeyote kukuwa kwa situation yenye niko. Sidhani kama ni hiyo ilinileta hapa.”

Karen was then asked that as a politician in the current government, people have a right to know since she is one of the leaders representing Kenyans.

Karen retaliated by asking the interviewer whether or not he was familiar with the Kenyan laws on polygamy. She then said she was not breaking any law by being involved with Samidoh.

Karen Nyamu
(PHOTO/COURTESY) Karen Nyamu and Samidoh and their child Samidoh and his first wife

“Sasa mimi ni kiongozi na ninafwata sheria ya polygamy. Kwa sababu sheria hazijatengenezewa nyani. Zimetengenezewa sisi na nina zifuata hizo sheria.”

Samidoh and Karen have been sharing details of their relationship on their social media platforms.

Their last dramatic interaction on social media was when Samidoh denied being bought expensive liquor by Karen for Father’s Day.

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