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Gilad Sends Son To Fight With The Israeli Defence Forces

Singer Gilad shared an emotional message to his children on his Instagram page. The dual citizen, the Israeli-Kenyan singer, shared how his two children were both in the Israel Defense Forces fighting for their country.


Last week Saturday, the world woke up to horrific news. The militia group Hamas had attacked Israel. Killing hundreds of Israelis and foreigners, taking hostages, and launching rockets at Israel.

(photo/courtesy) Gilad his son and wife

Gilad had earlier sent his daughter to join the Israel Defense Forces. His daughter, Lia serves in the IDF on the medical team. This time, his son, Omer had made a decision to go back to Israel and join the IDF in his paratrooper unit.

Gilad shared a video on his Instagram explaining that his son had gone back to Israel to serve with the rest of his unit.

“Our son Omer landed in Israel to join his paratrooper unit as a reservist in IDF.”

Omer and Lia are now both united back in Israel serving in the IDF. The two who were raised in Kenya felt a need to go back to their country and fight as a sense of responsibility and duty. The two have lost their friends and are deeply affected by the tragic events.

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Gilad shared that both his wife and he were proud of their two children for stepping up and being brave despite the deadly risks posed to their lives to fight for their country. He acknowledged that they were both full of character.

“Kids your mother and I are so proud as any parent can be of their children. For the incredible human beings you have become, our hearts are full.”

Gilad also shared a touching prayer for the safety of those involved and affected in Israel as well as his children. Omer had joined the IDF for training back in 2019 and was later enlisted in the paratroopers brigade.

In Israel, once the children reach a certain age it is a requirement to join the military service. It is mandatory with a few exceptions. Israel usually has two intakes in a year, one in April and the other in December.

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