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Fuzhou Emerges as Leading Goldfish Producer in China with Innovative Practices

Faozhou leads goldfish farming in China

The goldfish industry in Fuzhou, a coastal city in eastern China, has shown consistent growth over the years, with more than 80 breeding farms contributing to an annual production of approximately 15 million goldfish.


Fuzhou has now emerged as the leading producer of this popular pet in China. The industry’s success can be attributed to several factors, including the adoption of modern technology to enhance productivity.

One significant facility, spanning 600 square meters, has integrated advanced techniques into its operations. This includes the introduction of pure oxygen into the tanks and maintaining a consistent temperature. These improvements in the farming process have contributed to the industry’s growth.

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Efforts to innovate and diversify within the goldfish industry are also underway. Fuzhou’s local goldfish farmers are actively working to create new goldfish varieties. One such variety, named “Chi Lin” after a traditional mythical creature in Chinese culture, has gained significant popularity this year. It stands out with its metallic sheen scales, making it an attractive choice for enthusiasts.

The impact of this growing industry is not limited to local consumption. Data reveals that the output value of Fuzhou’s goldfish industry reached an impressive US dollar 140 million (Ksh21.02 billion) in the previous year.

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This thriving industry has expanded its reach beyond domestic borders, with locally produced goldfish finding their way to more than ten countries and regions through the city’s robust export network. This success underscores the city’s role as a key player in the global goldfish market.


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