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Feud Between COTU and LSK Escalates

Francis Atwoli speaks on Ruto's Political skills

Francis Atwoli, COTU Secretary General, declined to apologise after the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President, Eric Theuri, criticised him for jumping to Brian Mwenda’s defence. Brian Mwenda is a fake lawyer who has been flagged for practising law without a valid license.

COTU’s Francis Atwoli. Photo/Courtesy

Atwoli stated that he would not withdraw his support for Brian Mwenda. According to him, the society has harboured rogue members previously who swindled money from Kenyans.

“I am not prepared, willing and available to issue any apology or withdraw my support for Brian Mwenda and calls for Recognition of Prior Learning in the field of law, Atwoli stated.

He further mentioned that the LSK ought to call for an emergency meeting and clarify to Kenyans why they have been swindled by rogue LSK members. In addition, they should explain the measures it has taken to mitigate the situation.

” If today LSK were to ask Kenyans who have been swindled by lawyers to assemble in stadiums across the country, I am sure that All of our stadiums including those under construction for AFCON would be full to capacity,” he mentioned.

According to Atwoli, COTU has received multiple petitions from Kenyans who have been scammed by rogue lawyers. He further stated that the LSK is shielding such vices and providing them with immunity. He threatened to expose a list of LSK members who have swindled Kenyans in various court cases.

” As Francis Atwoli, I am prepared, willing, and available to provide the LSK with a list of some of their members who continue to swindle clients ONLY if the LSK assures the public that they have the spine to handle such cases,” he stated.

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Dealing with Fake Lawyers

The trade unionist, Atwoli, then mentioned that the Law Society of Kenya ought to implement Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This would help the Law society reduce the number of rogue lawyers operating in the country.

“Brian’s case cannot be about integrity and other ethical values and virtues that LSK claims to hold dear considering a majority of their members cannot stand the test,” he mentioned.

Brian Mwenda is a lawyer who was exposed for masquerading as a lawyer. He had not yet attained a law license but was solving court cases and appearing before the judges. This is illegal in Kenya and he’s currently facing disciplinary actions for the offence.

Most people are referring to his act in a popular legal drama series called ‘Suits’. In the series, an actor with the name Mike Ross manages to disguise himself as a lawyer who graduated from Harvard Law. After some time, the lawyer is discovered and faces prison time for the crime. From that, people have started calling Brian Mwenda, the Mike Ross of Kenya based on the allegations made.

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