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Esther Passaris Discloses How She Maintains Her Youthful Beauty

Black doesn’t crack is a common phrase used amongst Africans and those of African origin to mean that black people age gracefully. Africans tend to look younger than their age and maintain their youthful beauty.


Nairobi Women Representative, Esther Passaris confirms the phrase with her youthful beauty at 59 years old. Esther has maintained her figure and lean body as well as a youthful face that keeps her looking younger than her actual age.

Esther Passaris Discloses How She Maintains Her Youthful
(PHOTO/COURTESY) Esther Passaris

When asked about the secret of looking so young as she turned 59, she shared secrets about how she maintains her beauty. Explaining that it is a matter of mindset and how an individual views themselves.

“I live in gratitude. I am always grateful for a new day and for all the lessons I’ve learned. I don’t take it too seriously and when a problem is too big for me I hand it over to God. I think you have to try to be happy.”

The Women Representative adds that she is immune to haters and critics online because she validates herself. She shares that she affirms herself every morning and anyone who comes to her life compliments it.

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“And you have to love yourself. If you don’t like yourself you won’t have a good life. I say to myself every morning ‘I love you’. I don’t need somebody to validate me, I validate myself. Nobody can bring me down. All those haters on social media, I am so immune.”

(PHOTO/COURTESY) Esther Passaris

Passaris also comments on how society treats women when aging in comparison to men. She expresses her disappointment in society celebrating a man who is aging, seeing that as an accomplishment.

“I’m a grandmother now. Life doesn’t end. People have this problem with women aging and almost want to send them off. But when a man becomes old you want to celebrate him. When it’s woman they say she is a shosh.”

Her Excellency makes it clear that women aging are still valuable and the society should stop making them feel otherwise. She adds that life doesn’t stop for women when they get to a certain age.

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