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Civic Education Should be Taught on the Lifted Ban on Logging

The Government recently lifted the six year ban on logging, despite the move sparking reactions from experts and various organizations. However, as revealed by the Government, the objective of lifting this ban was to rejuvenate the timber industry that was very adversely affected by the ban.

Photo/Courtesy: President William Ruto.

However, the recent case of President William Ruto ordering the immediate sacking of forest managers and 23 rangers, proves that there is less information on why the six year ban on logging was lifted.

This proves that there is more illegal logging happening in the country, as the Head of State said.

“I have instructed the Kenya Forest Service board that all those engaged in corruption be fired and be taken to court. We have already found 23 forest managers and rangers,” Ruto said.

This case shows that their is need for civic education to be taught, as some people do not understand the consequences of logging, which includes deforestation.

In addition, the civic education should include teaching the importance of commercial logging and how it should be practiced.

Commercial logging is cutting trees for sale as timber or pulp. The timber is used to build homes, furniture, etc and the pulp is used to make paper and paper products.

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Further, the government should be able to teach civic education by doing campaigns on how commercial logging can be done while still protecting the forests.

This is because commercial logging involves the sawmilling and timber industry, which are key in the economic sector in Kenya, with potential for employing thousands, attracting huge investments in the wood-based manufacturing industry, and huge forward and backward linkages.

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