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Bruno Mars Cancels Sold Out Show Because of ‘War’

Bruno Mars

Singer Bruno Mars canceled a show he was supposed to headline in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, citing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


A previous communication sent out to customers on the business’s verified Instagram stated, “Bruno Mars concert slated for tonight is canceled”. The post cited the ongoing conflict in the country as the reason, urging the residents of Israel to stay strong during the difficult times. According to the post, all the customers who had made ticket purchases to the show would get a refund.

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Bruno Mars Cancels Show in Tel Aviv. Photo: COURTESY

Dear customers ,
Bruno Mars concert scheduled to take place tonight is cancelled.
All ticket purchases to the show will receive an automatic refund to the credit card through which the purchase was made. We strengthen the residents of Israel , IDF fighters and the security forces in these difficult moments 🙏🏻

Direct Translation of the Caption to the Post announcing cancellation of Bruno Mars Concert in Tel Aviv

After Palestinian insurgents from Gaza launched a deadly volley of rockets and dispatched armed men into Israeli territory on Saturday morning. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his nation to be “at war.” Israel responded by attacking Gaza with airstrikes, and the conflict has persisted all day. The two sides’ protracted war has significantly escalated due to the unexpected attack and the ensuing fighting.

Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars Cancels Show Over Escalating Conflict. Photo: COURTESY

According to Israeli police, there have been at least 200 fatalities and more than 1,400 injuries in Israel. According to Palestinian authorities, at least 232 Palestinians have perished, while more than 1,600 have been injured. Israeli police claim that a new wave of rockets fired by Gaza insurgents on Saturday night struck several areas within Israel, including Tel Aviv where the Bruno Mars show was expected to take place.

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Just a few days before this incident, Bruno Mars had wowed an enormous crowd of 63,000 fans at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park during his first concert in Israel.


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