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Aukot Responds to Ruto’s Absenteeism in the Country

Ekuru Aukot has responded to President William Ruto’s statement that Kenyans are making noise about his travels. According to him, Kenyans are concerned about the travels and not making noise.

Aukot vs Ruto
President William Ruto alighting from an aeroplane during his travels. Photo/courtesy

He mentioned that Kenyans are concerned about his consistent travels which are not impacting the country. In addition to that, he stated that Ruto is employed to work in the country and not travel throughout.

” Dear our President William Ruto, 1. Some people or Kenyans are not “making noise.” They’re concerned over your constant absenteeism from the country at their cost; 2. As a president, your “work” is not constantly traveling abroad. You’re employed to work in Kenya. Not abroad,” Aukot said on X ( formerly known as Twitter).

Aukot then mentioned that he ought to stay in the country for him to plan on how to develop it. This includes focusing on the 47 counties within and monitoring the projects being undertaken.

Kenyans started making fun of Ruto’s travels recently. This included them terming Kenya Airways aeroplane as his office. They went ahead to label the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) as the new office of the President.

On Sunday, Ruto issued a statement in regards to his numerous trips out of the country. He mentioned that these trips have secured several deals in favour of Kenya. This includes job opportunities in other countries for Kenyans.

He noted that his recent trip to Saudi Arabia allowed him to secure over 350,000 slots of employment for Kenyans. This is through the bilateral agreement that is to be signed in the next few weeks. He mentioned that he would be travelling back to finalise the agreement.

Ruto’s Statement on His Travels

He called himself Kenya’s chief agent and ambassador. Furthermore, he mentioned that the development of the country would only be achieved through planning.

“There are some people who are making noise asking why I am going for the trips, that is my work as the President. I am Kenya’s chief agent and ambassador to plan how the country will move forward. Even the bishop has said he was in Nandi for a week and Mbeere for some days but when I just go for two days to secure jobs for Kenyans there is noise,” He said.

Some Kenyans called out the irony of the president reducing the travel budget for state travels, but his travels are still rampant. Just this weekend, Ruto was in Congo to attend the Three Basins Climate Change Summit.This was President’s Ruto 39th trip since he assumed office last year in September.

Edited photo making fun of the president’s recent travels. Photo/courtesy

Citizens have further questioned the legitimacy of job opportunities outside of the country. They wonder whether more effort should be put into job creation locally, or job occupation outside the country. Others question if sending Kenyans to other countries would help in developing Kenya currently.

People further wonder whether the jobs being slated for Kenyans in Saudi Arabia is actually beneficial. Considering the dozens of horror stories being shared by Kenyans who went to work in Saudi Arabia before. This includes being tortured, beaten and treated like slaves in the households they were employed in.

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