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Arrests Made in Murder of Taxi Driver Evans Mochara

Two more suspects have been arrested in the murder case of taxi driver, Evans Mochara. These individuals, Stanley Collins Muthika and Kennedy Murimi Kinyua, are believed to have played a role in the heinous crime.


Mochara, who was abducted and killed earlier this month, has become the center of a chilling murder mystery that has rocked Nairobi.

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Acting on “actionable intelligence information on the perpetrators,” Nairobi Region Crime Research detectives arrested Muthika and Murimi on Friday. Muthika was captured in Nyeri’s Ruringu village, and under interrogation, he led the detectives to Olekasasi ward within Ongata Rongai township, where they apprehended Murimi.

Murimi is a police constable driver who was stationed at Akila Police Station in Lang’ata but is currently under interdiction for desertion of duty. The two suspects are now in custody at Capitol Hill and Kilimani Police Stations, pending further investigations.

Preliminary findings from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) suggest that Mochara did not merely disappear; he was forcibly taken from his residence by the two men on the night of October 11, all while his wife was present.

Evans Mochara’s lifeless body was tragically discovered dumped in Maragua Dam in Murang’a County on October 14, a chilling revelation that sent shockwaves through the region. This discovery came just two days after he went missing from his home in Mihang’o area of Utawala in Nairobi.

Mochara’s wife, Teresia, who is the prime suspect in her husband’s disappearance and subsequent murder, was arrested a week later. She had filed a suspicious missing person report, and on Monday, she was brought before the Makadara Law Courts.

Initially, the police sought a miscellaneous application to detain her for an additional seven days. However, the situation took a dramatic turn when an unidentified body found in Maragua Dam, Murang’a, was positively identified as that of 47-year-old Evans Mochara.

As a result, the police amended their application, now requesting 21 days to conclude their investigations. Call data analysis further revealed that Teresia was the last person to speak to her spouse at 21:06 hours on the Wednesday prior to his disappearance. This was just four hours before he was forcefully taken from his home at 1 a.m. on Thursday.

On the following Saturday, only two days after Evans went missing, Teresia filed the missing person report at Kayole Police Station. Coincidentally, this was the same day the decomposing body of Evans Mochara was discovered in the dam.

Masese would later be arrested a week after her suspicious report came to light. During interrogation, she denied speaking to or seeing her husband on that particular day and had initially refused to cooperate with the police.

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The case took an even more perplexing turn with the revelation of Evans’ car’s mysterious journey. The vehicle left the Chokaa area at 1:44 AM on Thursday, traversing through Kangundo Road, passing through Sagana at 03:49 AM, and then Kirinyaga just 54 minutes later.

By 06:50 AM, the vehicle was spotted in Kasarani, Nairobi, and later at the Astrol Petrol Station in Runda. It then journeyed on to Gitaru and Ongata Rongai by 10:02 AM. Subsequently, it was seen at South C at 11:09 AM and at Airport South Road in Pipeline at 3:01 PM before being abandoned in Nairobi’s Njiiru area, just a few kilometers from his home.


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