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5 Jobs in the Podcast Industry

The podcast industry is a rapidly growing field that offers a wide variety of positions for professionals who would like to get involved. Learning which positions are available in this industry can help you focus on developing the necessary skills to succeed. It can also allow you to choose a career path that fits your passions.


Some of the jobs in the podcast industry include:

Graphic designer

Many independent podcasters and networks outsource their graphic needs, whether it’s for the show logo, weekly episode image, podcast announcements, email blasts, etc.

Podcasts often need help branding when they are coming up with the overall look and feel of the show, and can benefit from a professional who can hear what they want but steer them in an eye-catching direction.


To create a successful podcast, producers typically involve themselves in all stages of podcast production, from drafting to editing and distribution.

Some tasks that a producer may complete include researching potential topics, transcribing interviews or preparing rough drafts of scripts.

They may also participate in the podcast by performing on air as a character or additional voice if necessary.

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Video and audio editor

More podcasts are getting into some type of video content accompanying their audio, so extra bonus points if you know how to do both.

While there may be a ton of audio editors out there, you will stand out from the crowd if you are responsive, timely and thorough. You might choose to work as independent, or join a podcast production team.


A writer is responsible for developing podcast scripts. Often working with producers and hosts, a writer may help to develop and research ideas and create a concept for each episode based on their findings.

Then they create written scripts for the host to perform. Depending on the needs of the podcast, a writer may create characters, interview questions, jokes or stories to engage an audience.

Sales and Ad Representative

By using tools such as Blubrry, you can find out the demographic of a podcast and target advertisers that would love to reach that specific niche.

The other most common goal of a podcast is to make money and find potential sponsors or advertisers. By having an ad rep on your team, it will lighten the load of the hosts, and gives it a more professional feel.

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