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Victoria Rubadiri: Man Confesses Undying Love for the News Anchor

A Kenyan man, identified as Felix, on X, has composed a heartfelt poem dedicated to the esteemed, Victoria Rubadiri of Citizen TV. The poetic tribute shows just how much Vicky is giving netizens sleepless nights and restless minds on top of being their knight in shining armor.


Felix expressed his adoration for Victoria Rubadiri on the X app. His poem painted her as his queen, goddess, and the center of his world. His carefully crafted words captured the extent of his infatuation with the renowned TV personality.

Victoria Rubadiri.
Victoria Rubadiri. Photo| Instagram

The poetic composition went further to showcase his deep appreciation for her across various realms, from Geography to Mythology and History. Indeed, Victoria has captured every aspect capturable in this young man’s life.

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The touching poem swiftly gained traction online, garnering significant attention from netizens. Many were triggered by the gut and boldness portrayed in the poem. Some even tagged Victoria Rubadiri in the hope that she would take notice of Felix’s sentiments.

As usual, Kenyan netizens in the comments section never disappoint. Here are some of the reactions under the post,

@oketchomolo- Simp award of the year

@briankituku7- Focus, haimboangwi hivyo

@mercy_nkathah- Wee mzee acha siasa

@Merlon254- Inakaa wewe hujajaribu Yvonne Okwara Matole

@mcosewe_jnr- Amka kwa hio usingizi sasa

@POmienge- Wewe tutakutaftia Kibe akuongeleshe kidogo tu. Si saaana. Kidogo tu.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time such an outpouring of affection has occurred towards Victoria Rubadiri. In 2022, another Kenyan, Collins Muruka, also openly expressed his love for the TV star.

In his post, Collins Muruka, who appeared to be in his early twenties, cleverly juxtaposed his photo with Rubadiri’s. The young man emphasized the depth of his feelings for the news anchor with the following words,

“Angel, you are my perfect match, the way you dress, how you present news and your jokes are amazing, I was a big fun of NTV but sooner you left than I followed you to Citizen, the way your lips move, the smile you give to the cameras are incredible swee.

Vic, one thing am sure of is you can’t be single, but I don’t care who is after,(you), how rich and wealthy they are, I want to give you true love, the only thing I have is my KSCE certificate, I will never cheat on you, I will never let you cry.”

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Victoria Rubadiri is undoubtedly a gorgeous woman and her character and life achievements make her even more admirable. The 36-year old TV anchor is also a mother of one and keeps her private life as far as possible from the public eye.


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