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Ugandan Man Marries 7 Wives in Grand Ceremony

Hajj Habib Nsikonnene yesterday held a procession through Mukono after wedding his seven women

In what has been described as a “historic occasion,” residents of Mukono District gathered along the streets last weekend to witness a remarkable wedding ceremony, as Hajj Habib Nsikonnene a Ugandan man exchanged marital vows with seven brides simultaneously.


The event, which took place at Nsikonnene’s home, saw hundreds in attendance and captured the imagination of many.

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The ceremony began at 8 am when the brides were treated to styling sessions at local salons.

Habib and his wives at the wedding reception. [Photo/Courtesy] Man
Habib and his wives at the wedding reception. [Photo/Courtesy]

Afterward, they were transported in Super Custom vans, each vehicle adorned with personalized plates bearing the names of the brides.

At the heart of this remarkable event were the seven brides: Aisha, Aisha, Fatuma, Sharifah, Rashida, Mariam, and Zainab.

Each found their designated seats at the reception, thoughtfully labeled with their names.

Two of the brides are sisters while another two share a first name. [Photo/Courtesy] Ugandan
Two of the brides are sisters while another two share a first name. [Photo/Courtesy]

Speaking at the reception, groom Hajj Habib Nsikonnene expressed his gratitude to his wives for their loyalty, particularly acknowledging the eldest, who has been with him for seven years.

However, he surprised the audience with his plans for the future saying, “I introduced them separately and decided to wed them all at once to make one big happy family,” Nsikonnene declared. “I am still a young man, and in the near future, God willing, I cannot say this is the end of it.”

The tradition of polygamy runs deep in Nsikonnene’s family, as his father, Hajj Abdul Ssemakula, explained. “My grandfather had six wives who were separated by curtains in a single house,” he recalled. “My own late father had five wives, and I myself have four wives who live in one house.”

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Local residents were awestruck by the wedding, with one man declaring, “This is history for us. I have never seen anything like this in my 57 years.”

A female guest at the reception expressed her newfound perspective, saying, “I cannot be jealous anymore; I also want to be married in the same way.”


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