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Thee Pluto: TikTok Bans Account Nearing 1M Followers

Social media platforms are on a manhunt and are not taking rule breakers lightly, including social media influencers like Andrew Kibe and now Thee Pluto. The Kenyan content creator had his TikTok account banned for going against TikTok regulations.


Thee Pluto shared that his TikTok account of over 977,000 followers was banned. The content creator shared that he was sad about the ban as he shared the news on his other platforms.

“It’s not likely for me to share the sad news with my fans lakini leo situation inabidi I have to share this with you guys. Nafeel vibaya but siwezi lia. My TikTok account of 977k followers has been banned.”


The content creator went on to share the reason why he got banned. He said that he was not aware that it was against the TikTok guidelines. He added that he innocently shared his contacts with his friends on the comments which is against TikTok rules.

“I never knew until it was banned that makossa ilikuwa yangu. So now there is something that I had shared on my TikTok and some of my two, three friends walikuwa wameitisha my number. Nikasema WhatsApp me and nikaeka number yangu. Sikujua you are not supposed to do that.”

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Thee Pluto shared on his Instagram story his new TikTok account as he urged his followers to follow him. He added that he has appealed for his previous account to be restored. He shared that he has been building that account since 2018.

“It is an account that I opened way back in 2018 and I was almost on a million. Ilibidi nitoke kwa ofisi nitoe stress. Nimefeel nikama nachomeka manze.”

The father of one cautioned others not to share personal information with others on platforms. He added that it is best for everyone trying to grow their platforms to adhere to the rules of the specific platform.

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