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Technology and Green Energy Transform Oilfields in Northeast China

A technological revolution is underway at Daqing Oilfield, as digital intelligence systems and new energy initiatives transform the way traditional oilfields operate in Northeast China.


These innovations are not only enhancing operational efficiency but also driving the transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape. Outside the third plant of Daqing Oilfield, a drone takes off daily on a 10-minute patrol, providing critical real-time data to the digital command center.

With just seven dedicated staff members overseeing the entire oilfield’s status, the digital intelligence system, combined with drone surveillance, has revolutionized the field’s management practices.

“Thanks to our digital intelligence systems, our management efficiency has improved. In the past, we had to rely on manual inspections twice a day to keep production running smoothly. Nowadays, we receive real-time fault warnings based on computer-analyzed data, enabling us to identify and address on-site issues much faster.”

explained a field operator.

Additionally, Daqing Oilfield has achieved comprehensive control over environmental safety through video calls, allowing remote supervision of production conditions. These digital upgrades are not only streamlining operations but also contributing to a safer and more sustainable oilfield.

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In a picturesque lakeside area within the oilfield, an ambitious project is taking shape – a massive photovoltaic installation on the water’s surface. This project is part of Daqing Oilfield’s commitment to a low-carbon and green transformation.

The purpose of constructing photovoltaic power stations on water is to maximize the utilization of oil-filled lakes and the reflection from water surfaces. Once completed and operational, it is expected to generate an annual average of 27.5 million kilowatt-hours of power, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions and site emissions by 22,000 pounds each year.

The Water Surface Photovoltaic Power Station currently powers the oil field operations, greatly increasing clean energy use and reducing fossil fuel dependence. It sets a standard for future new energy initiatives and demonstrates Daqing Oil Field’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable energy future.

“As a major energy consumer, Daqing Oil Field is actively pursuing a green transformation and development path. Our primary focus is on new energy development, effectively supporting our efforts in energy conservation and emission reduction. These efforts reflect the genuine needs of Daqing Oil Field’s own development,”

emphasized a spokesperson for the field.

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