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Russia and North Korea: An Alliance Forged in Fire

The United States of America is close to soiling its political pants after the proverb An enemy of my enemy is a friend found meaning in Russia and North Korea. The USA speculates that Kim Jong Un will travel to Russia to meet Vladimir Putin this month.


For decades, North Korea has successfully remained the most secretive place on earth, its most guarded state secret being the location of its Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un. However, Kim is now expected to meet Putin in what is rumored to be an arms deal exchange. Both Kim and Putin are powerful shadowy leaders who have faced heavy sanctions from the U.S. government.

Presidents Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Vladimir Putin of Russia.
Presidents Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Vladimir Putin of Russia. Photo| Courtesy

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North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have earned them a common enemy, which is the USA. In addition, the suspiciously timed plane crash that took out Yevgeny Prigozhin has earned Russia more adversaries from US-allied countries. Hence Putin’s decision to join forces with a leader who is equally powerful, feared, and hated by the US and its allies.

Kim Jong Un is set to make his journey to Russia via an armored train. His decision to travel on land is possibly aimed at reducing and avoiding any unfortunate occurrences. This armored train has been used by three generations of Kim’s family dynasty. Hence, the supreme leader risking traveling outside his well-protected borders means that he is willing to roll the dice.

Nonetheless, Kim Jong Un does not appear to have any reasons to fear Vladimir Putin but he is still not taking any chances. Despite being a powerful leader himself, his being sought out by Putin sure does speak volumes about his superiority. It is speculated that North Korea has a lot to gain from this alliance. However, as Putin’s reasons may be clear, it remains unknown as to why Kim agreed to this union, which is unsettling for the US.

Kim Jong Un showing off his military weapons in Pyongyang, North Korea. Photo| Courtesy

James Austin, the US Defense Minister implied that Russia may be staging joint military plans with the North. In addition, John Kirby, the US Security Advisor said that President Putin must be embarrassed asking Kim for help.

“He’s going to North Korea to try to get artillery shells and the basic materials so he can continue to shore up his defense industrial base. There is no other way to look at that than desperation and weakness quite frankly.”

John Kirby

In July, Putin’s defense minister Sergei Shoigu was in North Korea as Kim Jong Un was showing off his latest weapons, long-range missiles and military drones. However, North Korea denied previously supplying Russia with rockets and missiles. Seeing as how Ukraine recently viciously air raided Russia, Putin is not underestimating his enemies an more.

Additionally, most war and political analysts think that Kim Jong Un has the upper hand in this alliance. Clearly, he has exactly what Putin needs to win this war and many others to come, and only heavens know what he might need in return. However, it is highly suspected that Kim is eyeing Putin’s oil, which will come in handy in manufacturing more deadly weapons.

Who would have thought? This almost feels like a movie unfolding right before the global eyes. In 2019, Kim Jong Un left North Korea in a Chinese aircraft from Beijing to meet former President Donald Trump in Singapore. It is said that, that was the first time the supreme leader left the country by air. Unfortunately, the diplomatic era between The North and The United States long came to an end.

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As there may be a hundred percent chance that Kim’s and Putin’s meeting may be successful, the rest of the world, especially US and its allies, are dreading for the success and outcome of this meeting. Ukraine had better follow suit and team up with a power that matches up to North Korea’s nuclear weapons and military drones.


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