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Rubiales Set to Resign as Spanish FA President Amidst Kiss Controversy

Spanish Football in Turmoil after Kiss During World Cup

Luis Rubiales, the embattled president of the Spanish FA, is expected to step down after kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips after Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup final.


The Spanish football federation requested him to resign after Hermoso insisted the kiss was not consensual and later filed a complaint to the country’s prosecutor. Rubiales has a 90-day temporary suspension from FIFA and is the subject of disciplinary action, however, he has now announced his intention to quit.

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Calls for Rubiales to resign have been made, but he stubbornly declared late last month that he would not. Ultimately, he was placed on suspension while an inquiry was conducted, and he has now announced his intention to resign. He claims that with everything that has transpired, it is difficult to go on in his position in the federation during an interview with Piers Morgan.

Luis told Morgan; About my resignation, yes, I am going to do [that]. I am going to [resign] because I cannot continue my work. When asked what the motivating factor was for his decision to resign, he pointed out that it was his family.

I love my daughters so much and they love me so, so much. I am very happy and very proud of them; they are very dear to me. My father, my daughters, I spoke with them. They know it’s not a question about me. Some friends pretty close to me and they say to me ‘Luis you have to focus on your dignity to continue your life because if not probably you are going to damage people you love, the sport you love.’

Luis Rubiales on his family.
Rubiales Kiss After World Cup
Women walk past a mural depicting the controversy over a kiss of Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales to player Jenni Hermoso during World Cup celebrations, on a wall at Glories Park in Barcelona. Photo: REUTERS

The Spanish women’s squad declared they would not compete for their nation until Mr. Rubiales was fired. Rubiales added that he had made “some obvious mistakes” but insisted that the kiss was “mutual” and “consensual” throughout.

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He said that it wasn’t only him who was affected, but “third parties as well,” and that resigning was the right thing to do.


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