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Mtumba Man Speaks Up After Being Assaulted By His Girlfriend

Society has set expectations for men making it difficult for men going through domestic violence to speak up. Kenyan content creator Mtumba Man is finally speaking up about being a victim of domestic violence.


Mtumba Man went viral a few years back for his interesting way of selling his second-hand clothes. He then grew a large following making him one of the most followed content creators in Kenya.

The young content creator shared a cryptic video of himself nursing wounds and bruises on his body. From the video, you could tell his clothes had been ripped and his property and belongings damaged.

Mtumba Man

He then took to his socials to express that he had been going through a rough time but found it difficult to share because of what society expects from men. He went on to add that even though he shared what he was going through most people will not be able to help him.

“Going through hell but cannot talk about it because society believes men are strong and can overcome every situation. Only God can listen to me because most of you will laugh, sympathize, and create content out of it na bado zitajirudia tu.”

Mtumba Man went on to imply that people around him had turned him into someone he was not and that if he had lost self-control, he would have been in jail. He added that it is difficult for him to talk about being beaten by his girlfriend.

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“Ipo siku I’ll be no more just because I am too good to people around me. I was raised well but humans can change you. At first, it was so hard to talk about kupigwa na girlfriend because of society, my name, and brand.”

Mtumba Man then shared another video of himself and former KISS FM radio host, Oga Obinna. In the video, the two men looked happy as they ate some food from a local joint. Mtumba Man had mentioned that Obinna had been a help when he was in need.

Mtumba Man
Mtumba Man and his girlfriend (PHOTO/COURTESY)

“This ni- Oga Obinnais always there for me. Bro, God bless you. He pulled up with a lot of energy and time. Si I am blessed having such a person around me.”

Mtumba Man shared that his estranged girlfriend was insecure despite the fact that he was open and honest in the relationship. He shared that she would go to the extent of replying to messages from women who would text him.

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