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MoH Initiates Measures to Fight Waterborne Diseases; An Outcome of The Expected El-Nino Rains

MoH measures

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has issued a warning regarding the potential increase in waterborne diseases as the projected El Nino rains are expected to hit the country between October and December.


To address this situation, the Ministry has initiated several measures for mitigation, including raising public awareness and identifying flood-prone areas in anticipation of the upcoming rains.

The IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) has projected heavy rains similar to those witnessed during the El Nino events of 1997 and 2006. To counter these effects, the Public Health Principal Secretary, Mary Muthoni, stated that the ministry is collaborating with various stakeholders to minimize the impact of the impending floods.

MoH measures to fight waterborne diseases
Public Health Principal Secretary, Mary Muthoni | Photo: The Standard |

Counties are actively engaged in efforts to clear drainage systems and identify regions that have previously been susceptible to flooding. Additionally, ongoing vaccination campaigns against polio and cholera are part of the government’s strategy to mitigate the effects of the anticipated heavy rains.

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During a press briefing at Lake Naivasha Resort, where she launched a workshop aimed at expanding Primary Health Care (PNC) networks in the counties, PS Mary Muthoni emphasized the government’s commitment to restructure the healthcare delivery system. This restructuring involves a shift from a curative approach to a preventive and promotive healthcare model.

To address health-related challenges, the government has initiated a structured plan involving County Governments to train 100,000 community health promoters.

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Dr. Salim Ali Hussein highlighted that these health networks will facilitate the integration of the healthcare system, enhance efficiency by delivering care at the optimal level, and establish a national health procurement board for bulk acquisition of health products.


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