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Marrakesh Evacuates After Deadly Earthquake

The Malakhof Marrakesh, has been gripped by a sense of sadness and nostalgia as evacuations commenced following a deadly earthquake that rocked Morocco.


Saeed bin Mohammed, a shop owner who has spent over four decades in this neighborhood, reluctantly closed his shop and showing concerns over the safety of the area.

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“I’m sad to evacuate and leave my shop because it’s not safe to stay here. The roof could cave in at any time. The earthquake damaged many shops. I will always remember this place. This is life. It’s full of happy and sad events.”

said bin Mohammed.

Khaled bin Boubakar, another local resident, expressed profound sadness at witnessing the transformation of this once highly animated business area into what he described as a “ghost street” following the earthquake.

Despite the chaos that has engulfed many streets in the Al Mallah neighborhood, some residents remain optimistic about the future.

Marrakesh's Historic Jewish Quarter Evacuated After Devastating Earthquake.
Marrakesh’s Historic Jewish Quarter Evacuated After Devastating Earthquake. PHOTO/Courtesy.

“I was born and raised here. I lost everything, but I trust the Moroccan authorities. They will rebuild the area, and we will return again to live and work in this street. We are lucky because we’re alive.”

said one hopeful resident.

The Moroccan authorities have swiftly responded to the crisis by providing food and shelter to those affected. “After the evacuation, we cannot leave people in dangerous zones. They will be transferred to safer areas. Safety is our top priority,” affirmed a government spokesperson.

However, Morocco now faces the monumental task of disposing of hundreds of tons of rubble. Several buildings in the area either completely collapsed or were damaged beyond repair, reducing some parts of the neighborhood to little more than shattered rocks.

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