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Man Arrested After Police Discover More Than 10 Bodies Buried in His Kitchen


According to police and media reports on Wednesday, a man has been detained in Rwanda after more than ten bodies were found buried in a hole in the kitchen of his residence in the nation’s capital Kigali.


According to the police, the suspected serial killer, 34, lured victims from nightclubs to his rented house in a Kigali suburb. More than 10 bodies were found, and a Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) official reported that there had been 14 deaths as to this point, according to local media.

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Local media reported the discovery of more than ten dead, and a source with the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) informed reporters under anonymity that 14 people had been killed thus far. Thierry Murangira, a RIB spokesperson, denied providing a number, telling AFP that “forensic investigations will determine the final number.”

Man Arrested After Police Discover More Than 10 Bodies Buried in His Kitchen. Photo: COURTESY

The suspect said, as described by local media, that he was initially detained by the police on suspicion of rape and robbery among other offenses, but was later released on bond due to a lack of proof. However, the police persisted with their inquiries, re-arrested him on Tuesday, and after searching his home, found more than ten corpses in a pit that the accused had excavated in his kitchen.

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Murangira claimed that the suspect had admitted to the killings while being questioned and that the victims’ genders had been determined during the initial investigations. According to a source at the Rwanda Investigation Bureau, the suspect had admitted that he picked up the skill of killing by imitating well-known serial killers. Some of the people he murdered were dissolved in acid by him.


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