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Kourtney Kardashian Calls Kim Kardashian a Witch

The biggest family reality show is coming back for season four and it is promising drama. Hulu, The Kardashians has released the season four premiere and just when season three looked like everything was working out, season four seems to be the exact opposite.


Kourtney calling her sister Kim Kardashian a witch is surprisingly shocking yet expected. The sisters have not been in the best of terms since their other reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In season three, Kourtney seemed to have a problem with Kim doing the Dolce & Gabanna show. She expressed that she felt Kim was copying her wedding and was driven by money and couldn’t care less about how she felt.

The Kardashian Trailer

The sisters squared things up last season but there was still some tension. Kourtney has been doing her own ventures and starting new businesses solo. Kourtney has expressed her stand on working with her sisters she claims are not in alignment with her.

Kourtney is heard telling Kim over the phone that she is a witch and she hates her. The two seem to be having an argument with Kim asking Kourtney if she is truly happy since all she seems to do is isolate herself from the family.

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The trailer also sheds light on Khloe’s marital status. Last season ended with the tragic and sudden death of Tristan’s mother who suffered a stroke. Tristan then moved in with Khloe after his roof caved into his house.

Khloe shared that she has forgiven Tristan but only wants to be co-parents. The two share two children daughter, True, and son, Tatum. From the trailer, it seems that Tristan is trying to shoot his shot at Khloe and is getting backing from Kris Jenner.

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters do not seem to support Kris Jenner’s actions. Kendal is seen saying that their mum should be fierce for her daughters and that she is too nice sometimes. Kourtney plainly tells Tristan that he does not deserve Khloe.

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