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King Charles was Disappointed at Having Boy, Not Girl, When Prince Harry Was Born

A newly released audio tapes featuring Princess Diana have shed light on her candid thoughts about her husband, Prince Charles, and her tumultuous relationship with her stepmother, Raine Spencer. The late princess recorded these intimate conversations in the 1990s, which were secretly delivered to author Andrew Morton before her tragic death in 1997.


ABC’s Good Morning America recently obtained an exclusive listen to the tapes, some of which have never been heard before. These revelations come as Thursday marked the 26th anniversary of Princess Diana’s untimely death.

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Thursday marked 26 years since Diana’s death. PHOTO/COURTESY: CNN
Thursday marked 26 years since Diana’s death. [PHOTO/COURTESY: CNN]

One striking revelation from the audio tapes is Diana’s account of Prince Charles’s initial disappointment upon the birth of their second son, Prince Harry.

Diana disclosed, “Because at Harry’s Christening, Charles went up to mummy and said, ‘You know we were so disappointed, we thought it would be a girl.’ And mummy snapped his head off and said, ‘You should realize how lucky you are to have a child that’s normal.'”

This recorded confession paints a picture of the complex dynamics within the royal family, showing how even the most intimate moments were not without their tensions.

The audio tapes also capture Diana’s unfiltered emotions towards her stepmother, Raine Spencer.

Diana described a heated exchange with Spencer, saying, “I said, ‘I hate you so much. If you only knew how much we all hated you for what you’ve done. You’ve ruined the house. You’ve spent Daddy’s money.’ I said everything I possibly could.”

Raine Spencer’s response was equally heated, with her claiming she had “no idea how much pain your mother put your father through.”

Diana said, “Pain, Raine? That’s one word you don’t even know how to relate to. In my job and in my role, I see people suffer like you’ve never seen. And you call that pain? I said, you’ve got a lot to learn.”

King Charles, Harry and William during Princess Diana’s Funeral [Photo/The Royal Family Website]
King Charles, Harry and William during Princess Diana’s Funeral [Photo/The Royal Family Website]

Andrew Morton, Diana’s biographer, emphasized the significance of these recordings. He noted that Diana never believed Camilla would become queen, providing a unique perspective on unfolding royal history.

Morton, speaking on ABC’s Good Morning America, hinted at the global interest in these tapes but remained non-committal about releasing more audio.

“There is global interest, but we’ll have to see what happens,” he said.

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The release of these audio tapes offers a rare and unfiltered glimpse into the personal and emotional struggles faced by Princess Diana within the royal family. As the world continues to be captivated by the legacy of the People’s Princess, “Diana: The Rest of Her Story,” a documentary slated for release next year, promises to provide even more insight into the life of this iconic figure.


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