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Kenya’s Growing Interest in Artificial Intelligence, Career Development and Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence interest in Kenya grows

Kenyan internet users are increasingly showing interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), with searches on the topic surging. Google’s data reveals a 270% increase in AI-related searches over the past year and a substantial 400% rise over the last five years.


Common questions among Kenyan users revolve around AI’s impact on jobs, its applications, potential risks, and opportunities. Frequent  search queries include “how to use artificial intelligence?” (+350%), “what is an AI?” (+300%), “how AI works” (+200%), and “how to make artificial intelligence” (+200%).

Artificial Intelligence sparks interest in Kenya

Kenyan users are also curious about the intersection of AI and employment. Search interest in AI’s job implications has surged by over 5,000% this year. Additionally, queries related to AI’s role in crafting CVs and resumes have increased by 1,150%, while searches for AI courses have doubled.

Beyond AI, Kenyan internet users are showing interest in personal and professional development. Searches for “online business from home” have grown by 250% since last year, and “how to register a business” queries have increased by 200%.

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This curiosity extends to acquiring certifications, particularly in digital skills, with searches for courses in virtual assistance (+450%), data analysis (+200%), digital marketing (+200%), and cybersecurity (+100%) on the rise.

Moreover, Kenyans are vigilant about safeguarding their online presence, as reflected in searches for terms like “DNS hijacking” (+350%), “click fraud” (+150%), and “voice phishing” (+100%).

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Kenyan users are also actively combating misinformation, with increased searches for “fake news” (+5,000% over the past ten years), “fact-checking” (+2,700%), and “disinformation” (+1,150%). Searches for “how to identify fake news” have risen by 200%, while searches for “types of disinformation” have increased by 60%.


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