Kenyans Registered for World coin Reveal Woes

Some Kenyans who signed up for World coin reveal the harms they faced after signing up. World coin is an upcoming cryptocurrency project that was halted in Kenya for the lack of data privacy.

Kenyans registering for World coin through the scanning of their eyeballs. File/ Courtesy

Kenyans expressed that some of those who had their eyeballs scanned during the sign-up process are now experiencing health issues. Marube Mogusu, a witness testifying before the National Assembly Ad Hoc Committee of inquiry commented on the same. He mentioned that after the scan, he had been experiencing eye problem and had to seek medical assistance.

In addition to that, some Kenyans claimed to have received only Ksh 2,000 instead of the initial Ksh 7,000. According to these Kenyans, they were shortchanged and did not receive what the agency had promised.

“After the scan, my eyes started becoming watery. I have been on prescribed glasses since then. I don’t know if it is a coincidence or it is the world coin scan,” he told the committee.

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Another witness mentioned that he signed up for the money. He, however, did not receive the full amount promised. The users had been promised 70 US dollars (approximately Ksh 7,000) but they only received Ksh 2,000.

“The guys told me they were doing their scan, and I should receive a grant. I was skeptical but the moment he mentioned money, I went ahead,” a student mentioned.

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World Coin Saga

One of the witnesses told the committee that there was no written consent between the cryptocurrency firm and the users to have their eyeballs scanned and private data collected.

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He further stated that some students who got their eyeballs scanned were facing social stigma from those who didn’t. This is being done through making fun of them and ostracizing them from gatherings.

Central Bank of Kenya Governor, Kamau Thugge, appeared before the committee on Tuesday. He mentioned that the CBK did not take part in licensing or clearing the proprietors of world coin. He ten stated that CBK had no knowledge of World coin’s activities in the country.

The committee comprises of seventeen members. They are determined to find out the link between the cryptocurrency’s trading and World coin’s recent activities. They decided to lay emphasis on the source of cash that was being offered freely to Kenyans before being scanned.

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