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Investigations to Ezra Chiloba’s Suspension as CA Director General Initiated

Investigations to Chiloba's suspension begin

Prof. Edward Kisiang’ani, the Principal Secretary in the State Department of Broadcasting and Telecommunications, has announced plans to further investigate the suspension of Ezra Chiloba from his position as Director General of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA).


Kisiang’ani has confirmed his awareness of the suspension but indicated a lack of details surrounding the reasons for Chiloba’s dismissal. He intends to engage with the CA board to ascertain the grounds that led to this decision.

Investigations to Chiloba's suspension Initiated
Recently suspended Communications Authority Director General, Ezra Chiloba | Photo: The Star |

He emphasized that the ministry does not engage in the day-to-day management of state corporations within the communication sector, attributing his lack of insight into the suspension’s rationale to this principle. Oversight, he noted, is the responsibility of the board, and quick decisions are made accordingly, with subsequent reports shared with the ministry.

Kisiang’ani has indicated that, following discussions with relevant stakeholders, he will release a comprehensive statement regarding the matter. He also mentioned his authority to reverse the decision if he deems it necessary but stressed the need for guidance from the board to understand the specifics.

“I will see the details which forced them to take that decision and I have the authority also to reverse if I think that it is not done in the right way but for now, we need guidance from the board to give us the details,” he stated.

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Regarding the suspension, allegations of irregularities within the mortgage scheme have been cited, and board oversight has been ongoing. However, the investigative process had not reached its conclusion at the time of Chiloba’s suspension.

Christopher Wambua has been appointed as the interim Director General to replace Chiloba, with his appointment effective immediately. Wambua previously served as the Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the Authority, holding various positions within CA since joining in July 2000. Chiloba, who assumed office in 2021, succeeded Francis Wangusi and was initially appointed for a four-year term, with the possibility of renewal.

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“Following a meeting of the Authority’s Board held on September 18. resulting in the suspension of the Director General, I am pleased to inform all staff of the appointment of Christopher Wambua as a Director General in Acting Capacity effective today till further notice,” read the statement in part. 


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