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Danelo Cavalcante: How a Fugitive Survived Two Weeks on the Run


In order to avoid being found by police, the escaped prisoner Danelo Cavalcante explained how he survived his two weeks on the run by consuming watermelon, drinking stream water, and covering up his waste.


Cavalcante, 34, who had escaped from Chester County Prison in Pennsylvania on August 31 was apprehended on Wednesday after being on the run for two weeks. Murderer Danelo Cavalcante, who was wearing a hospital gown with obvious bloodstains, was photographed leaving a Pennsylvania State Police station on Wednesday.

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Danelo Cavalcante
Danelo Cvalcante During His Arrest. Photo: COURTESY

He was led away from the Pottstown station by heavily armed police officers, who then put him in an armored car and drove him away. After being forced out of a woodpile on Wednesday morning, the 34-year-old Brazilian still had a bruised and bloodied face. His wrists, ankles, and feet were all handcuffed, and he was being led along the sidewalk.

He is said to have been tracked down by K9 units and found hiding undercover with a stolen .22 caliber rifle. The K-9, later identified by the name Yoda, was photographed at the moment of the arrest sitting with its front paws around Cavalcante’s feet and its lips close to his calf muscles. Officers in tactical camouflage gear simultaneously subdued his bleeding body on the ground and handcuffed him.

Danelo Cavalcante
The moment when Yoda grabbed Cavalcante’s leg from his hideout. Photo: COURTESY

Days after receiving a life sentence for stabbing to death his ex-girlfriend Deborah Brandao, Cavalcante escaped from Chester County Prison. Additionally, he is wanted in Brazil for a 2017 homicide. A wild manhunt began after his escape because he kept eluding law enforcement. Officials disclosed on Tuesday that he had gained entry into a garage and taken a gun. 

Iracema Cavalcante, Cavalcante’s mother, defended her son’s actions in an interview with The New York Times, saying that Brandao was slain because Brandao allegedly threatened to inform American authorities that he was wanted by Brazilian police.

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Danelo Cavalcante admitted to police that he intended to leave the perimeter in the following 24 hours during the interview that followed his detention.


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