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AVIC International Empowers African Youth with Technical Training for a Brighter Future

AVIC International is creating impact in Africa by empowering its youth with technical training for a brighter future.


More than 300 graduates are ready to put their new skills to good use after a one month intensive training program sponsored by AVIC International. The training mainly focused on computer numerical control (CNC) applications and modern technology. These skills are in high demand, and AVIC International aims to bridge the gap between education and employment opportunities for African youth.

“In our school, we don’t have a CNC machine, but thanks to the Africa Tech Challenge, I had the chance to work with one. It’s much easier compared to manual machines.”

One graduate shared.

The Africa Tech Challenge, with its focus on practical knowledge transfer, is addressing the issue of youth unemployment in Africa. The lack of technical skills and knowledge has been a major factor contributing to joblessness.

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“Empowering young people with the capacity to produce and apply technologies is crucial for transformation potential.”

This sponsored initiative has already benefited over 1,300 participants from ten African countries since its launch in 2014. It has led to job opportunities for 45 trainees, internships for 36, and scholarships for 18 students to study in China.

As one of the early Chinese enterprises to venture into the international market, AVIC International is committed to sharing its experience and knowledge with African countries to cultivate technical talent.

With their certificates in hand, these graduates are hopeful about brighter futures. AVIC International’s investment in African youth is a step towards an African-centered development model, and as more Africans receive training, the future looks even brighter.

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