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Zuchu Warns Radio Presenter against Talking about her Mum

The Sukari hit maker is coming after Clouds FM presenter and social commentator, Mwijaku guns blazing for statements he made about Zuchu’s mother, Khadija Kopa during an interview with Tanzanian influencers.


During the interview, Mwijaku shared his concerns on how Khadija Kopa allowed her daughter to involve herself romantically with bongo singer, Diamond Platinumz. Diamond and Zuchu have had a rollercoaster of a relationship with Diamond being accused of having affairs.

Zuchu and Diamond
Zuchu and Diamond PHOTO/COURTESY

Mwikaju questioned whether Khadija was ready to carry the burden of her involvement of allowing her daughter to be romantically involved with a man like Diamond. He pointed out that Zuchu’s actions had consequences.

The Clouds FM presenter expressed disappointment in seeing Khadija support fornication. He pointed out that Khadija was not emphasizing the religious morals and values of marriage to her daughter, that she once stood for.

“Nimesikitika sana kumuona mama yangu Khadija Kopa yeye anantetea hili. Wakati simu za nyuma mama yangu tulikaa tukaawma mwanangu ataolewa. Leo anauliza ndoa ya kazi gani Mwijaku. Je, yuko tayari kubeba dhambi za bintiye?”

Khadija Kopa, Zuchu mother. PHOTO/COURTESY

Zuchu responded to his statements with a harsh warning. The singer promised to use him as an example to others for coming after her mother. She expressed that she took it lightly when his remarks were aimed at her only but bringing her mother into it was a whole new level, and it had dire consequences.

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The bongo singer vowed to go great lengths to the expense of using all her money to use him as an example to other men in media who belittle women.

“Wallahi, I will use every penny in my account, Wallahi nita,uyolea mfano. Nikekuacha mno ila kwa hili la mamangu, utakuwa fundisho kwa wenzio.”

Khadija Kopa, Zuchu’s mother also responded to Mwikaju’s statement. She accused him of being a hypocrite, saying he does much sores than what he is calling her out for. She added that she has never had any meeting with the presenter like he claimed.

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