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Things in Hospitals that Can Make You more Sick

Some hospitals can make a patient more sick than before they got there. Also visitors visiting their patients can become sick as a result of visiting some hospital.

Things in Hospitals that Can Make You more Sick.
Photo/Courtesy. Hospital beddings.

There are several reasons that can make one become sick. One is touching non-disinfected doorknobs and bathroom handles. These may have various infections such as nosocomial infections, which are referred to as healthcare-associated infections.

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These infections include bronchitis, tracheobronchitis, bronchiolitis, tracheitis and pneumonia.

Another thing that may make one more sick is not washing hands after coming from the hospital. It is good to have a sanitary gel especially when you touch anything in the hospital.

Things in Hospitals that Can Make You more Sick.
Photo/Courtesy: A doctor.

Thirdly, is your doctor’s tie. According to a 2004 study, 20 out of 40 doctors’ ties were found to be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

Chances are, you will not come into direct contact with your doctor’s neckpiece, but if he touches it, and then hands you a pen to sign something, you could unwillingly catch whatever he’s carrying.

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Lastly is the experience of seeing people who are more sick and also how hospitals smell. For some people they might faint because of seeing a patient in a critical situation.


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