Pauline Njoroge Claims She Lost Ksh 300K after Arrest

Pauline Njoroge

Blogger and Digital Strategist Pauline Njoroge has come out to claim that while the DCI withheld her bank cards, more than Ksh. 300,000 was taken out of her account.


Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), according to the Jubilee party deputy organizing secretary, were the only outside parties with access to her account before the money went missing. Pauline Njoroge has been an outspoken critic of the Kenya Kwanza government. Taking to her social media page, Pauline wrote that; The defense informed the court to put on record that on 03/08/2023 at 19:05:03 hrs there was theft of Kshs. 302,842.00 from the VISA bank account of Pauline Njoroge Njoki.

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 Pauline Njoroge’s attorney made the claim on Monday while discussing her case and demanded an investigation into the alleged theft. The defense attorneys claim that Njoroge discovered the anomaly in her account on August 3 despite being arrested on July 22 as her electronics had been confiscated.

Njoroge was arrested after police claimed that they had found four rolls of dry plant material alleged to be narcotics in her possession.

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The mention of the case has been set for August 18 where the release of her device will be confirmed and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will be questioned about the unaccounted-for cash.

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