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Milele FM Makes Changes After Alex Mwakideu’s Dramatic Exit

Milele FM has had a rough couple of weeks after two of their presenters, Mulamwah and Alex Mwakideu quit before coming back to the station and then Alex quit again, this time not coming back.


Alex Mwakideu hosted the morning show at Milele FM alongside co-host Wilbroda. He will now be hosting the morning show at Radio 47 alongside, Emmanuel Mwashumbe. They both hosted the morning show at Radio Maisha but at different times.

Francis Luchivya at Milele FM
Francis Luchivya Will be hosting the morning show at Milele FM

Milele FM has made drastic changes to some of its shows amidst the dramatic exit of Alex Mawakideu. Stepping up to fill in the morning show is, Francis Luchivya who used to host the evening till midnight show. Luchivya had a similar role at Radio Citizen before leaving back in 2018.

The evening show at Milele FM will now be hosted by Anita Santuri who used to host the mid-morning show. Then taking over the mid-morning show is Mercy Tyra who will co-host with Mitch. The drive show hosted by MCA Tricky and Chris the Bass as well as the afternoon show hosted by Mulamwah and Ankali Ray will remain untouched.

A few days back, Alex Mwakideu was spotted at Radio 47 leading to an online controversy. He addressed the controversy by claiming he was a guest at the station and there was nothing to it. Member of Parliament, Jalang’o however reacted to his statement suggesting he should be frank about what was really going on.

“Shukran kwa mwaliko @alikauleni. Jiunge nasi moja kwa moja ndani ya @radio47ke kuanzia sasa hadi saa tano asubuhi. Mada ni Uanahabari na Elimu. Jamani wanablogu, mimi ni mwalikwa tu.” Mwakideu said.

Alex Mwakideu from Milele FM
Alex Mwakideu and Emmanuel Mwashumbe at Radio 47

Earlier in the month, Alex announced that he was resigning from Milele FM after five years at the station but a few hours later announced that he was back at Milele FM after reaching an agreement.

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“Yooh, bado niko Milele FM. Kumbe mmanipenda hivi….aaawwweee. Thank you for all the phone calls and text messages, we had a small misunderstanding, which has been sorted. So we are now good to go! Itambe Milele!”

Before Alex quit and made a U-turn back to the radio, Kenyan comedian, Mulamwah shared that he quit Milele FM due to disagreements on his role at the radio amongst other things. He later also made a U-turn and said things had been sorted out with management.

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