Machakos Man Faces Trial for Stabbing Woman in Supermarket

Patrick Mwangi appeared before the Machakos Law Court yesterday. Mwangi stood accused of the murder of Eunice Syokau, after he allegedly stabbed her during a conversation captured on CCTV.


This tragic incident occurred on July 22, 2023, at a supermarket in Mwala, Machakos County.

Patrick Mwangi in Machakos Law Courts on July 31, 2023.
Patrick Mwangi in Machakos Law Courts on July 31, 2023. Source: Citizen Digital

The CCTV footage showed Syokau browsing the supermarket shelves when she engaged in a conversation with Mwangi. However, the situation took a grim turn when Mwangi suddenly took out an object from his pocket and stabbed Syokau in the chest.

Following the act, Mwangi reportedly attempted to commit suicide by ingesting an unidentified substance. Authorities have since collected the substance as evidence. The evidence will be sent to a government chemist for analysis.

Mwangi was initially taken to Masii Level 3 Hospital for medical attention. After which he was transferred to Machakos Level 5 Hospital. Upon receiving treatment, he was discharged and subsequently taken into police custody at Masii police station. Tragically, Syokau succumbed to her injuries.

An image of the CCTV footage that captured Eunice Syokau and Patrick Mwangi in the supermarket before the stabbing occured. Source: Nairobi Wire

During yesterday’s court appearance, Principal Magistrate Charles Ondieki ordered a mental assessment to be conducted on the suspect. This will be used to evaluate his mental state at the time of the alleged crime.

The motive behind the killing is yet to be established. However the deceased’s mother, Damaris Nduku, revealed that Mwangi had been demanding custody of his child. According to Damaris, Mwangi and Syokau had a child together before separating.

“My daughter was murdered by her boyfriend on Saturday. He was her baby daddy and was pursuing the deceased for the child. The two were living together before they separated and my daughter settled and opened a business in Masii town, where he trailed and killed her.”

Damaris Nduku

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Deputy Governor of Machakos, Francis Mwangangi, visited the grieving family to offer his condolences. Hon Francis expressed concern over the rising incidences of murder in the country. The leader urged parents, teachers, and the clergy to prioritize guidance and counseling for the youth.

“Let’s take responsibility as parents, church and schools so that we have guidance and counselling sessions. So that we talk to our youth and children for them to know how to go about overcoming challenges in life and differences among themselves whenever they have them.”

Francis Mwangangi.

The case is set to continue, with the next hearing scheduled for September 4, 2023. Mwangi will have the opportunity to enter his plea before the court.

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As the legal process unfolds, the community mourns the loss of Eunice Syokau and awaits justice for her untimely passing.


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