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Khaligraph and Nikita Release “Ex” Remix on Coke Studio

Oh, the uproar and sheer disappointment that hit numerous Kenyan netizens when Khaligraph Jones and Nikita Kering were selected to be Kenya’s representatives for this year’s season of Coke Studio.

Nikita Kering alongside Khaligraph Jones.
Nikita Kering alongside Khaligraph Jones. Photo| Courtesy

It doesn’t come as a surprise to this writer that many people actually loved the Coke Studio version of Nikita Kering’s “Ex”. The collab was released on August 18, and this joint project did not disappoint on any level. Khali and Kering brought their A-game!


Criteria Coke Studio Used To Pick Nikita And Khalighraph

Coke Studio Head of Marketing, Miriam Limo expressed her views on this year’s season.

“Through this project, we have witnessed a convergence of stories, styles, and the very soul of Kenyan music. It’s a reminder that our music is diverse, powerful, and unites us all, regardless of our backgrounds.”

Miriam Limo

This year’s season of Coke Studio launched on July 6, and both Khaligraph and Nikita expressed their thoughts and excitement over working together on the project.

“I come from Kayole, and she hails from Karen, so it’s an exciting blend, and I can’t wait for people to witness what we’ve created together.”

Khaligraph Jones

“I wasn’t sure how our styles would blend, but working with Khaligraph has been awesome. He is not only incredibly talented but also a sweetheart to work with. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to collaborate with on my first endeavor of this kind.”

Nikita Kering

It is apparent that this was a collab made in heaven and it is all thanks to the great minds behind Coke Studio. Who would have thought? Nonetheless, it is important to note that this year’s season took quite a different approach from the previous ones.

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In the past years, Coke Studio staged live performances of revamped classics. However, this year, fans have been introduced to a completely online platform. As disappointing as it may be to miss out on the crowd’s cheering at the end of performances, it’s quite refreshing that the focus is entirely on the artists now.

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Nonetheless, fans also have exclusive access to behind-the-scenes moments as well as new music releases from all the collaborating artists in this year’s season. Caleb Adijahun, Coke Studio’s Franchise Director had the following to add.

“We continue to work with the music industry more as partners to create elevated, music-driven content, storytelling, and experiences that reflect how fans are consuming content and engaging with the music and artists they love.”

Caleb Adijahun

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